Deathstroke and Dora Are Getting Movies! – News Dump

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35 comments on “Deathstroke and Dora Are Getting Movies! – News Dump

  1. "Deathstroke, if you are Deathstroke, we can do it in the ass". And yet, I am not so excited for a Deathstroke movie….

  2. Manu Bennett is the DeathStroke i Want ! Not the look alike joe jghmnghkfhk

  3. $740 – $11.8K
    this channel is still struggling !!

  4. The A.I.'s algorithm is oppressive. WHAT A SURPRISE! HOW COULD THIS HAVE BEEN A POSSIBILITY?

  5. The first thing I think of when you say Michael Bay is bumblebee peeing on John Tuturro!

  6. Okay. So y'all make fun of white supremacists yet make the same jokes they make. I'm sure our Struggle with the DACA program ending is hilarious to yall. Making the DREAMer joke must have been the best joke yall could come up with I expected better from you two. Fuck both of you.

  7. Micheal Bay's Dora is pretty much Machete (2010) and Machete Kills (2013).

    So until we get Micheal Bay's Dora: The Explorer… just watch those Danny Trejo classics.

  8. The justice league looks terrible. I hate the awful cgi constantly in use. Like look at cyborg. Something they could have done with a simple costume they do with cgi… it's the green lantern all over. And btw where the hell is green lantern!?! The original justice league was Batman, superman, wonder woman, green lantern, the flash, aquaman and Martian manhunter. That's an all star cast right there. But instead they throw in cyborg, a character who didn't join the justice league until literally half a century after it was created. Not in universe time mind you, but in real life. I would have thought that these company's should know to keep it as close the original comics as possible, otherwise the shit gets very close to the fan. Look at x men 3 or wolverine origins for more examples of this fact ringing true. The justice league is going to be terrible but no one will want to admit it, just like the force awakens. The only way this movie could be worse is if jj fuckface gets involved. Down with the major media bullshit, up with indie studios

  9. If they're doing an older Dora, they DEFINITELY have to get Ariel Winter (Alex form Modern Family).

  10. JUSTICE LEAGUE, can't wait. zack snyder is a god. thank you for the perfect DC universe.

  11. Deathstroke movie i can see. but a full-length Dora movie headed by Michael ''I have a hard-on for explosions'' Bay? yeah not gonna happen. but then again this is the same guy who destroyed both the TMNT and Terminator franchises.

  12. I often wondered as to why they dont have 24 hour construction on things.

  13. am i the only one who couldn't help thinking about sam and dean whenever they said winchester?

  14. Did you know that my country saw the College Humor clip from Dora's Parody and report it as a real thing? I'm not kidding, Welcome to Costa Rica hahahaha

  15. I love how Ricky always looks hungover on the weekends, and sometimes weekdays!

  16. Ricky you sound sad. Like my fuckin hamster just die sad. What the hell did you do the night before?

  17. cool cool, chill chill
    You guys are one of few reasons I still watch YouTube

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