Dear Disney: This is how fans feel about Star Wars

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Thank you again for everyone who participated in this. I again encourage you to repost or create a Dear Disney letter for this video (and to share it) in the hopes someone from Disney watches this and responds. Also, please check out this video by a young girl who has a lot of tough questions to ask of Disney:

36 comments on “Dear Disney: This is how fans feel about Star Wars

  1. Thank you once again everyone who took the time to write a “Dear Disney” letter. And, as I say in the video, if I didn’t read yours please feel free to repost it here (or to compose one now) and let our combined voices be heard by Disney.

    Also, if you support the message in this video please share it and send it to people like @RobertIger (CEO of Disney) and anyone else who you think should hear it or could help bring about a change to the way the Star Wars franchise is being handled.

    Lastly, if anyone from Disney and/or Lucasfilm does watch this… then thank you for listening.

  2. Love your videos, but I cringe everytime I hear the "Now…" to start your videos. It sounds like you're joining a conversation mid-sentence.

  3. I'm really happy to find out that so many people share my views about the newer Star Wars as a whole and about The Last Jedi. Thank you Thor for giving us this platform and for encouraging people to be respectful and civilised about this situation.

  4. There are a lot fans who like TLJ?? Please name just one. LOL! (I would almost suspect you are a shill, or trying to be PC)
    Disney is just a complete disaster. And the whole haters and bigot story is a total exaggeration to shift the blame onto fans and to take the spotlight from Disney who made the horrible movies in the first place. I would not be surprised if it were Disney PAID TROLLS who are the ones writing the most hateful comments. Why? So disney can cover their tracks and shift the blame to supposed "crazy" fans, rather than manning up and facing the fact that they, Disney, make some truly horrible films, that can never even come close to what George Lucas created.
    This also keeps Disney relevant, by keeping Disney in the media and in the headlines. Otherwise nobody would be talking about starwars, especially after the awful films Disney has made recently.

  5. I feel like we live in parallel universes. I'm in my 40's, have been a megafan since seeing ANH at the Drive In at age 4. This franchise has been a part of my life for nearly all of my life. Among my peer group, which due to a life spent performing on stage all across America and overseas, the "Star Wars is Dead" opinion is almost never expressed. The overwhelming majority of my friends either loved the movie or really liked it with minor criticisms (forced humor at times, Canto sequence dragged, etc). What about us? Are we not "Star Wars Fans"? Are we all just "Disney Mindslaves"? I reject this narrative. It is obvious that the new films have divided the fanbase, but the prescription from the "Star Wars is Dead" crowd is that the only opinions Disney should listen to are the voices from that half, because the other half, from their perspective, aren't "real" fans. I've got a 40 year experience with these characters and this world that actively, in addition to literal thousands of dollars worth of related merchandise, rebuts that declaration.

  6. Dear Disney. The fans want you to start taking a lot more risks. Frankly stop presenting us the same empire vs rebellion conflict we have seen before. Both the force awakens and the last Jedi present us with the first order vs resistance which is the empire vs rebellion with a different name. Also in both films you failed to properly explain how the first order and resistance came to be. Now I am aware that content outside the films have tried to give us answers but a film should not be reliant on outside content. By rehashing the empire vs rebellion conflict in the sequal trilogy the sacrifices and effort the rebellion put forth in the original trilogy to defeating the empire and restoring the republic is now meaningless because 30 years later the empire is still very powerful, the new republic is incredibly weak, and the resistance has only 4 ships, 8 bombers, about 30 x wings, one a wing which means they are even more small and Scrappy. Almost every peice of content from the books, to the comics, to the TV shows, to the films have been set in the original trilogy era. We want to see new eras explored for example the time period in between the phantom menace and attack of the clones and the time period before the phantom menace have been almost completely unexplored. When you make standalone films make them about snoke, after return of the Jedi and before the force awakens, or a old republic film for example. In regards to the last Jedi when someone critisizes it that does not automatically mean they are racist, sexist, a man child, or a buthurt fanboy. Disney accept that while they are a minority of fans out there who are racist, sexist, manchildren, or buthurt that the last Jedi did not validate their fan theories a majority of fans have legitimate criticisms against the last Jedi so don't make excuses or dismiss fans who have valid problems with the last Jedi. I don't have anything wrong inherently with seeing more women or more diversity in star wars don't make a big deal about it. Or to put it another keep your politics in your pocket

  7. I may not be the strongest Star Wars fans that I used to be (I actually like the prequels more than the original) When I watched the last jedi, I didn’t hate it but after a while I have become to see it as a malicious hit piece designed to subvert expectations and to butcher the old characters ; you wanted to find out who snoke was, well too bad he’s dead, you wanted to find out why rey is so powerful, don’t know she just is, remember Luke who didn’t give up and even redeemed the most evil man in the universe, too bad he tried to murder his nephew in his sleep and cried on an island while his friends and sister fought the empire.

  8. I wish those who don't like Star Wars now would just move on to something else. Disney is doing a great job, Lucas did fine before, but things are going in a better direction now. All the points in the firest letter are dumb. 1. They acknowledge there are many more fans who like the new films than do not. 2. This has never been done, and bad is subjective. Lucas has more political agendas in his films than Disney. 3. The original trilogy all had different directors and the stories were very much in flux during production, and Lucas couldn't even be consistent within his own films. 4. This is a yearning for KOTOR. Just stop. The new series and trilogy coming are certainly already going to branch out beyond the Skywalkers and Imperial era. 5. I think they've already done that, moron. All this pleading is so silly. No creator or collaborative group of creators should pander to a bunch of whiners. Art isn't a democracy and yes, filmmaking, is art. So go complain about something else. You all are very good at it and shouldn't just restrict yourself to a franchise you no longer participate in, apparently.

  9. I agree with most of the letters except the one about Finn being negatively portrayed cos he's black, that's just victim signalling people of any ethnicity can be cowardly makes no diff if theyre balck or purple are we spose to make no black characters have any negativie traits under pain of just presenting them permanently the best at everything? Load of rubbish. The films are failing cos they don't have a cohesive structure though its the same as the problem in DC. You cant just throw darts at a board of ideas and randomly go with one or another the original trilogy worked because it had its author overseeing the story arcs even if he wasn't personally directing the second two films whereas the approach under the Kennedy regime is just choose your own adventure with no plan of how they were going to go from A to B because one director comes in and sets up his own ideas then leaves and the second director in a rather contrarian move decides fuck all that I'm doing my own thing only for us now to be getting the original director back whose now got to finish off work of his that was effectively pissed all over. That's not gona make a very good trilogy so I definitely agree with the first letter that says under dot point the whole thing needs someone's overall idea spanning the 3 films or they may as well just forget it. Even if this trilogy hadn't been the best at least if Abrahms ideas had been followed it would've been cohesive not just dispensing with characters and plots which had build up. Its blue ballsing the whole thing.

  10. By 2020 SW fans might have something more important to worry about!!!!

  11. GIVE THE FUCK UP ALREADY! The damage cannot be repaired. This car has been totaled. STOP clinging to it for dear life, it's over, you have a lot of good memories now just fucking move on! Nobody has this much trouble letting go when they wreck their car or breakup with a GF or BF. They ruined Han, Luke & Leia, when are you going to get it through your thick skulls YOU CANNOT GO BACK & FIX THE DAMAGE? iT'S OVER! RIAN JOHNSON DESTROYED STAR WARS! DEAL WITH IT!

    I'm a huge Star Wars, Mass Effect, TRON & GI JOE fan. I've accepted all those franchises have been ruined. There is nothing I can do about it. And Transformers is hanging on by a thread. I have no choice but to let them go & move on. You need to do the same.

  12. Dear Disney,

    Take your time. As a matter of fact, push back the next entry into the main saga an entire year. Retcon the title of "The Last Jedi" as "The Force Awakens, part 2" and retrofit both films as Episode VII. Sure it'll aggravate some lifelong fans, but it would show that you have quality standards and you know a not-so-good film when you see one, especially when you indeed made one. As far as the anthology films go, halt production and planning for them. Wait until this main saga is over, then revisit them. You guys are overextending yourselves.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these are those times,
    -a fan

  13. The SJWs create fake bullying posts, so that they can play the victim, and use it as material to suite their narrative. They will not listen to well thought out criticisms like the ones in your video.

  14. sorry to say but there is a hate for ppl who see s sjw agenda in sw i dont knwo why there are sjw moments in disney only a idiot would denied that . but to hate the ppl who say that are sjw moments in tlj and solo just for being brave to admit that there are doesnt make this ppl racist or evil being anti sjw isnt and never was a bad thing and being anti sjw isnt the same as pro white power anti black or female stuff it simply anti politics in movie nothing more.

  15. Dear Disney, I want to see The Resistance & the First Order Unite to face a New Enemy, like the Yuuzhan Vong or Abeloth.

  16. Over the years many cowboy films were made, Robin Hood films, and Sherlock Holmes , and James Bond, lots of different writers and directors have had great success in these franchises and the one thing they all have in common, their all set in this galaxy where as our favourite franchise is set in its own galaxy, with millions of different worlds and species to choose from , such potential. and what we got from ruin Johnson was a boring chase in darkest of space?

  17. Sorry I'm late in watching this. This was such a great video. I respect these opinions and really hope Disney sees this. Very well done guys

  18. I've seen every SW movie in the theater since Empire; wasn't alive for the original. I saw each of the prequels at least 4 or 5 times in the theater. They have their issues with bad acting & cinematography, but at least the story & world building were interesting. As the prequels & I have aged, I've found new things to appreciate about them. I saw TFA 7 times & Rogue One 5 times. I loved TFA & was excited for the next chapter. I could nitpick a few minor points about TFA, but I always figured that Episode 8 would add depth & meaning to what came before. Rogue one was kind of a mess, but the story was interesting & enjoyable, nonetheless, kind of like the prequels. Then TLJ came out. I saw it opening night & came out not sure what to think. Then I saw it again & was even more confused. What became clear to me is I had gone to a Star Wars movie & hadn't enjoyed it. From the Verizon parody at the beginning, to the worthless bombers that had replaced the more than competent Y-Wings, to the completely pointless side-quest with Finn that accomplished nothing but adding runtime to the movie, to the complete character assassination of Luke Skywalker & on & on & on… It undermined everything I liked about Star Wars & insulted me as a fan. Rather than building on all the new storylines & characters introduced before, it threw them out & started something else entirely. I have checked out. I haven't seen Solo & probably won't. (Sorry you got drawn into this mess, Ron Howard) That makes the first SW film in my life that I haven't seen in the theater. I have no intention of seeing any more SW movies until the management at Lucasfilm has demonstrated that they know what they're doing. Lucasfilm is in the time-out box, right next to the DCEU, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe you should consider taking Kevin Feige up on his offer to assist with Lucasfilm. That would be a good start, at least. Otherwise, until something major changes with the franchise, I'll spend my money elsewhere.

  19. I am so grateful for you, such a smart person, coming out on your big platform and sharing our concerns about Disney shoving identity politics into Star Wars. It was never about that – Star Wars used to be an experience where you can, for a few hours, detach yourself from the real world and all of our opinions on politics, and immerse yourself in a galaxy where these hardly exist.

  20. I stopped watching after TFA. After seeing the Mary Sue character and the sjw agenda being injected into that film I knew the films after would get worse. I'm just surprised it took this long for the majority of fans to catch on to this.

  21. The Luke Skywalker character treatment was suicide. "Brave" or not? they just shouldn't have done it, some characters just need to be treated with extreme care, Luke is one of those characters. It's just been so badly damaged, I don't know if it can come back.

  22. If Lucas Arts would at least try to listen or acknowledge our concerns then we could communicate better with each other but nooooo they just have to continue blaming us.

  23. Dear Disney: thanks for a fair job on Star Wars. I realize it's first and foremost a vehicle to sell toys to kids that's been appropriated by white adult men who loved Star Wars as a kid and look at the franchise through kids' eyes. That's okay. Most of them are caught up in the nostalgia of being a kid and seem to be unable to realize multiple heroes in the Saga are good but flawed humans. I appreciate that the third trilogy has clearly inserted adult sensibilities into childhood archetypes. I'm glad you are letting us see our heroes and giving them a fine sendoff. Most of us fans understand what you're doing so feel free to ignore gripes from fans caught up in forty year old stories. Thanks, guys 😏

  24. Movies in general have been pushing political agendas and I personally am SO tired of it! Star Wars is my favorite series. I can't even begin to tell you about my love of the series (my dogs all have SW themed names and there is an AT-AT popcorn holder on my office desk). Making characters gay or female because of some "movement" is NOT a valid reason.

  25. Well said Thor. I agree with everything you wrote 100%. I really enjoy all your videos. Keep up the good work. And MTFBWY… always!

  26. I am disappointed that tlj  has ended Luke the way it did. I could have watched further movies if they hadn't degraded him. If they had left him out it would have been better. But now Star Wars is over for me. The good guys won in Return. Nothing else is canon.

  27. One of the few channels that doesn't hatefully bash on the new SW, but instead uses reason and passion to show the problems with it

  28. For a film series that was created to have an anti-authoritarian message, both Disney and Lucasfilm have become the very thing the films were about destroying. It cracks me up that they don't get what these films taught us fans to do… resist, fight and overcome any and all top-down, fascistic control freaks who want to tell others what to do and think.

  29. Shut up you white, misogynistic, racist, over privileged, homophobic male. You WILL NOT tell DISNEY or LUCAS FILMS how to create a movie you will like as a fan. We at Disney will tell you what you like and you will like it or else. You geeks may have not saw Solo but you WILL go to episode 9, you know you will not forsake your beloved Star Wars you pussy!

  30. I felt that when Disney disregarded the original Canon that was original trilogy novels and prequel trilogy prior to Disney becoming owners of Lucasfilm, they disrespected the continuity , the fans and the novel authors that created an awesome timeline that had so many fans and followers. Now we have the new canon that just doesn't have continuity or a strong timeline which is so weak and disjointed.

  31. Personally, coming from a longtime Star Wars fan, I think the Star Wars fanbase is honestly one of the worst fanbases out there.

    This is the same fanbase that:

    1. Made Jake Lloyd quit acting and eventually made him lose his mind.
    2. Made Hayden Christensen quit acting completely.
    3. Made George Lucas not want to make any more movies and ultimately sell the franchise to Disney.
    4. Made both Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran delete their Instagrams due to mass cyberbullying.

    I will not lie, Daisy and Kelly played their roles really well. They're not bad actresses at all! However, the reason they are getting bullied all the time is because of poor character development and shitty writing. Rey IS a Mary Sue, but that's not Daisy's fault. Admiral Holdo WAS an angry, mindless, and unreasonable leader who did NOT deserve a kamikaze glory, but that's not Laura Dern's fault. Rose IS easily Jar-Jar's replacement as the worst Star Wars character since she rescued animals over child slaves and almost killed the entire Resistance for no reason at all, but it's NOT Daisy's, Laura's, or Kelly's faults!

    JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson should be forced to apologize to any actors or actresses that are under any kind of scrutiny because their poor storytelling. Kathleen Kennedy should also apologize to Mark Hamill for ruining the character of Luke Skywalker and she should also apologize to George Lucas for ruining the Star Wars universe with her leftist, feminist, and liberal SJW agenda. She should then step down as head of Lucasfilm and then hand the franchise over to Dave Filoni or maybe even Jon Favreau.

  32. Collider, John Campea, Chris Stuckmann and many other youtube presences have either buried their heads in the sand or they are being financially compensated for their support. Hard to swallow that they are naive enough to actually believe that the vast majority of fans loved the last Jedi. That is objectively not true. If the vast majority of fans loved it we would not be in this mess. TLJ took a direction terribly disappointing and polarizing to the vast majority of fans. Essentially it crapped the bed. This is the truth many supporters refuse to see or they are being paid to avoid giving their honest opinion.

  33. i am 45 years old i have seen every starwars movie in a theater since i was 4 years old the one movie i have aproblem witth is the pantom menace it should have been a starwars story i was 26 in 99 the original trilogy would have been so mucch better if they had a different episode one hell in 97 before the rereleases of the original trilogy i was arrested for distribution of cannabis i told my lawyer who i gave 5,000.00 in cash to that i can not go to jail i need to see starwars i told him the movies were being rereleased having said that the new trilogy is great the new trilogy allows you to progresse and move forward evn though they should have looked and paid attention to all the books i have bought since heir to the empire having said that you can not allways get want you want but some times you get what you need

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