Deadpool 2 Trailer – Deadpool Holds X-Force Auditions and Banned Scenes Explained

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Deadpool Holds X-Force Auditions, New Villain Revealed, Marvel Comics Explained, Easter Eggs and Avengers Infinity War ►
Avengers Infinity War Banned Scenes Explained ►
Deadpool 2 Trailer – Deadpool Meets Cable ►
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37 comments on “Deadpool 2 Trailer – Deadpool Holds X-Force Auditions and Banned Scenes Explained

  1. For some Reason Fox Didn't want part of that video up. I'm not sure why, so this is a small edit with an explainer. Funny given the Avengers video I just posted. Posting my new Walking Dead Finale video next! No Worries

  2. Two videos in one?! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    I got to see the banned version, and this one!

  3. It would be really funny if Deadpool held up the X sign and said “Wakanda Forever” 😂😂

  4. Deadpool: Hey Cable dont you also play Thanos?

  5. Hopefully strife is pulling the strings from the future and we get him in the X-FORCE move.

  6. Holocaust destroyed Avalon not Asteroid M, the new home from the mutant that was formerly Cable's former based named Graymalkin and pieces of original Asteroid M

  7. I want a R rated Inferno or Mutant Massacar movie those were cool events.

  8. Weasel is TJ Miller's character, right? But isn't Weasel Justin Hammer or am I really confused.

  9. This film is not yet rated?? This was the biggest joke from the trailers lol

  10. Wait… The fat kid is Rusty? Why???? He was an army defector at the comics.

  11. I’m running late this week but thanks so much! What a hysterical character Deadpool is. Enjoyed your video 👍🏻❤️

  12. I want them to go full on off the rails like a pit bull that never knew what a chain was.

  13. Nemesis and Fantomex would be great additions. Love the post apocalyptic time travel stuff.

  14. End of the movie, while Cable is about to crush Deadpool, Deadpool mentions his pet monkey: Jean, and Cable stops, and tells him his mother is named Jean also, and they become bff's

  15. DEADPOOL I LOVE YOU!!!! I've been saying the man bun is the 2010's mullet FOR YEARS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  16. I'm just wondering if Black Tom Cassidy is in it, can The Juggernaut be far behind and maybe they've done him right this time!

  17. Shatterstar (aka Gaveedra Seven of Mojoworld) was involved in a fustercluck of a story way back in the 90s that involved some kid named Benjamin Russell. It was so nonsensical that no reference was ever made of it again. Cute that you remembered that useless nugget, but- NOPE.

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