Cringe Worthy Chiropractic Adjustment – How Not to Get Your Spine Adjusted

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50 comments on “Cringe Worthy Chiropractic Adjustment – How Not to Get Your Spine Adjusted

  1. i don't know bout yoy guys, but I would soo do this. Any other crack lover??

  2. well I heard the pops. this is weird but apparently effective.

  3. This was posted by a law office with the title as cringe worthy? Lawyers love that shit in the video.

  4. At 0:40
    "Prepare the landing strip!"

    At 0:53
    "For the glorious emperor… BONZAI!"

    And from that moment onwards he was known as the greatest kamikaze pilot in the history of the Imperial Airforce.

  5. 海外勢が色々書いているが、一言《ふぇ〜〜》でいんじゃないか?w

  6. this looks like an asian gangbang… no offense to all asians

  7. เปิดวีดี

  8. I need these guy to work with my spine after I gave birth I can barely rotate my neck it's horrible ?

  9. 0:53 as soon as he jumped on her I felt like this feeling in my stomach like it got punched

  10. Anyone knows where these guys are really located? Would love to get adjusted like that!

  11. chiropractors are good for lower and middle back pain, not to mention joints and such but never let them touch your neck, EVER

  12. When I watched this video, I was waiting for the Curly "I'm a victim of circumstance…Woob Woob Woob Woob Woob…"

  13. Why does the title say how not to get neck adjusted cause it looked like the knew what they were doing to me and it makes you look kind of stupid because it wasn't just a neck adjustment so just make better videos with better titles ok?

  14. génial c'est exactement ce qu'il me faut ! au lieu de voir ses vidéos de pouffiasses en bikini manipulée avec une douceur érotique ridicule , qui sert plus a exciter qu'a soulager
    quand on a très mal il faut y aller franco et remettre les vertèbres à leurs places et retendre les zones très très tendues

  15. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Chiropract’em by the pussy

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