‘Crime of the century’: Facebook finds 0.004% of election posts are Russia-based ahead of hearing

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According to written testimony by Facebook, they identified 80-thousand posts, published by what it alleges were ‘Russia-based operatives.’ But that amounts to just 0.004% of all posts about the US election. However, Facebook’s General Counsel called the messages a ‘new threat’ against everything it stands for, labelling them ‘unacceptable.’ The site says 126mn Americans may have seen the posts, over 2 years. READ MORE:


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35 comments on “‘Crime of the century’: Facebook finds 0.004% of election posts are Russia-based ahead of hearing

  1. America didn't meddle in other countries affairs, hell no mate, America is the other countries.

  2. Wow, this just proves that RT is nothing but Russian propaganda or either RT is extremely ignorant of the US electoral college. It only takes thousands of votes to swing enough states to change the outcome so 126 MILLION is a huge amount. Russians, nor any other non-Americans, have no business spreading lies in the US period, regardless of the reason, amount, or outcomes.

  3. The joke of the century, US politicians. Americans do you have any shame?

  4. What about The TROLLS who Attacked Bernie Supporters on FB & Twitter, it was Disgustingly Massive?

  5. The world is laughing at you America. Why are you letting your politicians make fools of you?

  6. How shameful is this disgraced topic, what a shame to the so called "social media's freedom of speech", US's so called "democracies"…

  7. we didnt need russian to help trump…hillary gave trump the election cause she was a crooked old shill and nobody likes her…

  8. Thing to remember is that at the end of the day, the only real crime of Russia that they may have done. Was the hacking of DNC emails back during 2016. Empathizes on may as there still to this day isn't conclusive, absolute proof that it was Russian intelligence that did the hacking. Granted also a lot of the fault in the hacking was due DNC's own uncaring and inept handling of their server and email protection. Second thing that funnily enough has been forgotten by Hillarybots is how the DNC effectively sabotaged Bernie's presidential campaign, which could and should be an act of treason against Untied States democratic process, technically. But somethingsomething Kremlin bots everywhere something.

    What are you nobs going to do? Declare war on Russia over twitter ads?
    It's alright for EU and US to influence elections with bullshit propaganda ads but it's suddenly a crime when Russia does it?

  9. Lol.. America still has problems with erection results… KILLARY lost .. .!

  10. Fuck Fakebook, only morons are still on that cia website. Twitter is for twits and twats.
    Social ego media apps are for people with no actual social skills.
    Everyone knows Trumps is an idiot, but fuck, the Clintons are just pure evil.

  11. Russia has a LITERAL paid troll division in St. Petersburg, what a fucking loser country

  12. Oh cmon since when do facts mean anything… that’s called reality of which the elite arsewipes don’t live in !
    What’s far bigger is the fact DNC , Hillary, Obama sold secrets and nuke material to the Russians thru back handers !

  13. Washington D.C. is full of morons. They hate Russia because it won't knuckle under. They hate Trump because he wanted normal relations with Russia. It all points back to the Globalist agenda.

  14. "Just keep repeating the lie, eventually the sheep will believe it." – US political strategy

  15. Its true 0.004% can have some effect for sure just look at Congress (Shabbos Goy) they account for far less than 0.004% of American's and look at the damage they cause at home and abroad.

  16. All the Jokers are Paid by Khazarian Mafia Inc. because US National Debt has USD20 Trillion -Trump they have nothing else better to do US Dollar Collapse , Gold Speed up USDollar FIAT toilet paper money Bubble debt, Petrodollar is infected with AIDs. OPEC + Saudi+ RUssia pact lets go for #PetroYuan.. USA now like a sick man in the death bed.. soon RIP.

  17. The Russia lie is just a cover up for spying on the trump campaign. This was watergate on steroids and the democrats still couldn’t win.

  18. Former high ranking CIA official, Dr Steven Pieczenik, who assisted Kissinger with the 1973 coup in Chile said, in a 11/4/16 YouTube video that he and his colleagues released ALL the NSA – intercepted, Hillary related emails to Wikileaks.

    In other words, the CIA did it, as they have been doing so over 80 times in the past 70 years.

    Same old. Same old private army of the (Nazi) Capitalists, bent on global domination, especially Russia, doing what they do best.

    In short, the Russians didn’t do it. The CIA did, but THAT will never be mentioned, aside from Dr Pieczenik flatly stating so in his video.

  19. The parties spent $billions on TV ads. And you are saying that a few people on social media are more effective than all the backing by the Clinton News Network?

  20. so what if Russia did something which US does with the whole world…… pain in ass

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