Contacts between Russians and Trump associates occurred multiple times

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Contacts between Russians and members of Donald Trump’s team occurred multiple times during the 2016 campaign and presidential transition. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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10 comments on “Contacts between Russians and Trump associates occurred multiple times

  1. You shit for brains commie scum at Washington Compost just cant help yourselves can you?! How is the Russian Unicorn hunt for all you America hating commie scum?! oops that unicorn just turned around and about to stab Hitlery and Podesta in their black hearts!! Uranium One felonies are going to take down all your deep state traitor buddies!!! then after that will be great to see some of you punks arrested for sedition!???

  2. treason against the United States of America is totally unacceptable they don't deserve Mercy they deserve a prison cell for the rest of their natural born life.

  3. The number one enemy of the american people (MSM) mischaracterised the words of all Trump associates because it is clear that if any one lied they will be indicted or have pleaded guilty like Papadopolous .What we have witnessed so far is that any mistakes or crimes by any Trump associate committed in the past or present has been prosecuted)..There have been no lies just spin by the corrupt media who credit the fools that believe them with the attention span of a goldfish?

  4. when Trump says it could be a fat man sitting on a bed,i think it Governor Chris Christie that he's referring to, might be worth looking into.

  5. Arrest them all – campaign volunteers, administration staffers and political appointees. Send them to gitmo. Throw away the key.

  6. What happen with Obama & Hillary selling American uranium to Russia? & The Podesta Brothers. Wasserman screw Barney in primary.??????????????

  7. And now Mueller has to prove that Trump ordered these meetings. If he did he is done!

  8. Thank you Mueller for Men like you get rid of this evil administration disruptive divider in chief .

  9. Corrupt and perverse radical Jews who pledge allegiance to the terrorist and zionist regime of Israel are behind Russia and Trump

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