CNN panel bursts into laughter at Trump frustration over not being involved in Russian investigation

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50 comments on “CNN panel bursts into laughter at Trump frustration over not being involved in Russian investigation

  1. I've heard Jared Kushner is a crossdresser and makes a very attractive woman

  2. The inner circle of this administration, from mouthpieces like Huckabee and Conway to the quasi-president, can engage in lie after clockwork lie. The truth will out.

  3. WOW! They really DID all burst burst burst out into laughter!!!!!!! STFU. Look. I hate trump. Any intelligent person does. But don't make up stuff to get me to watch your boring clips. And i'm sorry Anderson…love you….handsome gay you….BUT YOU'RE BORING AND YOUR SHOW IS BORING AND I CAN'T TAKE IT……..THAT'S WHY I DON'T WATCH IT.

  4. Does anyone else have the sensation of having their skin turned inside out looking at any picture of kushner?

  5. Next indictments: Jared, Don Jr., Ivanka, Mike Flynn, Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions, Mike Fynn Jr., Donald Trump. Snitches: Sarah Sanders, Hope Hicks, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Carter Page, The Russians, James Woolsey, and anyone else that has been fired or left this administration. THESE PEOPLE WILL BE GUILTY AND GO TO JAIL SOON OR LATER

  6. Maybe its because I wear glasses, but I failed to see the panel bursting into laughter.  One guy laughed, but one guy wasn't the panel.

  7. NEPOTISM at it's best Or should i correct to: it's UGLIEST JarHead whack it whilst your DadinLaw is still a whackO LMF*AO

  8. Everywhere Putin has put his finger he controls the situation, everywhere Trumpf puts his finger he has had to lick it humble pie An Orange Orangutan in the middle of a monkey circle

  9. The Republican cabinet in trumps white house will lie steal cheat screw there children to stay on the trump money train understand

  10. Joseph Manuel you should probably crawl back across the Mexican border anyone who supports Trump is a traitor to the USA

  11. Burst into laughter? Not defending trump. Just recognizing the fraud involved in this "burst of laughter". Is it just me or do they all know that the 'laugh' symbol was going to come up and they have smirks on their face the whole time. Im still waiting for a burst of laughter though. Dont you think the exaggerations of trumps behavior are getting a little out of hand? Poor guy cant do shit without being bashed from every direction.

  12. Good question……I know a man in the Russia that have big problems hiding his pleasure of all this mess he have created

  13. we heard his son eric say where they get their money from to support what they do. HELLO

  14. These events are awfully similar to Italy’s voting for businessman Silvio Berlusconi

    We should have learned from them

  15. Trump is NOW a target…Papadoupolous dude JUST told investigators that Trump in fact knew of the Russian meeting. Look out twitter his tweety storms will be hitting soon!

  16. TREASON >Conspiracy to commit Treason > Obstruction of Justice; the end! Its coming sooner or later ?️‍♂️

  17. They are not corrupt, they live in a family of business people – THEY ARE DOING BUSINESS!

  18. Aww you liberal idiots, a year and still got nothing. Let’s see what will you have in another year.

    Trump 2020 ????

  19. Hahahahaha, no, Trump supporters are laughing at CoNN, fake news and a joke. Just like these assholes said Hillary had it in the bag.

    Watch what we do to democrats in 2018 and 2020

  20. The art of bullshit being pushed by the Clinton Crime Network. Hilldog your day is coming.

  21. …um, the title of this clip is totally inaccurate, nobody "bursts into laughter"

  22. I don't like to tell you trumpistas that we told you so. "BUT WE TOLD YOU SO. How's the WINNING coming guys? Hmm?

  23. One of my clients just went to Sweden and Norway on vacation. She said she was never so embarrassed. Whenever someone found out that she was a U.S. Citizen they ask how Americans could elect such a baffoon.

  24. It was almost as hilarious as Roy Moore tweeting about investigating Al Franken! Bwahahahaha

  25. Joe tullius is right all of these allegations are fake news created by trump and I hope they sue the shit out of you trump

  26. To Continental Aquatics: Nope definitely the orange faced man, Trump. Seems that everywhere she goes they loved our last smart, knowledgeable, suave, amusing and diplomatic president Obama. There are great shows on CNN, nothing like the inane "Fox and Friends".

  27. Muller is looking under every Rock, what he fails to see is what's in front of his face the Russian dossier, uranium one Etc

  28. Am I the only one who didn't see a panel "burst into laughter"? A smirk and a chuckle maybe, but no laughter. And I was looking forward to that!

  29. To Jamie Lawson: That is sad and embarrassing to hear. What did people in Europe say about Obama when he was our president?

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