CNN has obtained videos from inside the Westgate Mall

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Footage obtained exclusively by CNN show the moment attackers entered the Westgate mall in Nairobi. Nima Elbagir reports.

34 comments on “CNN has obtained videos from inside the Westgate Mall

  1. These people are just like radical Christians. Some of the most notorious killer are Christians. And yet people say it is Islam to blame. Christians are A MILLION TIMES WORSE!!!!!!! And as far as these "news programs," all these people do is exploit other people's misery and pain for RATINGS!!!!! Say stuff like "only on cnn." The biggest terrorist organization is either RUSSIA and/or AMERICA. You people are sick.

  2. Can ya shut the fuck offa real Muslim can't kill a person just like that's dumb to do im Muslim n i don't do that shit my family don't do that shitbut ya don't know shit that's y ya talking shit about Muslims people Muslim is a religion of peace

  3. Fuck ass broke ass jungle coons killing Innocents not even a robbery just senseless murder

  4. these terrorists all need to go to hell and eternally burn there forever

  5. I'm atheist for other reasons but a small part of it is because of Terrorist attacks and they think they're doing it for Allah to get into his kingdom of heaven but actually they are killing innocent people for no reason

  6. He's fed up…..that's what happens when one has taken blows from left to right….

  7. I got chills at 2:53. As a gun owner myself, I can only imagine how fast these armed citizens' hearts were racing when they realized they might be the only salvation available to countless innocent people around them. Something about this calm before the storm is electrifying, even when viewed from a screen.

  8. i hate these first they are not terrorists because you dont know theyre not we see you alot and you have said to us alot of men and but curse stuff if you saw us in true life not with the people that ae disrespectewd by you,you will see what will happen

  9. fck crazy jerks kill all mean people fck them ,im sorry forpoor killed inocent poeple

  10. Hey lets get a video to show how evil terrorists are and then fade out every fucking clip and not show it. Fucking retards at cnn

  11. No differnce than what US and other nations do all the time…the world is full of monsters from the beginning.

  12. how can anyone just shoot an innocent person but we can't kill all Muslims not all are bad ?? (My best friend is a Muslim)

  13. how can anyone just shoot an innocent person but we can't kill all Muslims not all are bad ?? (My best friend is a Muslim)

  14. Fucking Muslims. "Wahh! Not all Muslims!" Look at all the people murdered by people claiming to be Muslim. Death to Islam.

  15. Y'all white pieces of shit stfu I'm Christian my self I feel sorry for this Fr rip all of them but once ever we thinked about those MUSLIM kids women and old age people they've been dying from years most then 100 everyday no one ever talked about why non Muslims are terrorists MOTHER fuckers

  16. the terrorist are mercenaries , paid by america , to do what they want to do, to defame degrade islam,

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