Cats Compilation

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Do yourself a favor and just watch it, okay? You won’t be disappointed.
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Courtesy of CutiesNFuzzies

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(00:58) CWE2201 Frankenstein Cat FVA
1. Creepy Cat
2. Standing Cat – Mon chat se tient debout tout seul
3. Chuck Norris’ Kitten
4. Kitty Maternity Instinct Alarm
5. Cat vs Long Balloon
6. Give Me a Paw. Cat: Sorry, But Someone is Calling Me
7. Little Cat Fighting His Way Through The Snow
8. Snow Catcher Cat
9. 13 Funny Seconds
10. Cat Sitting Like A Human
11. 夕暮れの お座り猫ちゃん/ Cat sitting relaxed

30 comments on “Cats Compilation

  1. Y'know what's really funny about the Cat that comes out of the ceiling?
    The girl is giving a presentation on "The Theory of Change."
    She clearly didn't account for Variable-Change in the form of a ceiling cat.

  2. 3:40 I bet that those humans hung something irresistible for that cat over the tub of water so if it fell it would be "funny". The cat did NOT jump back in, only onto the edge. Just watch it again, idiots who disagree.

  3. Maaaadùù! Addirittura un gatto ha spaccato il pavimento e andato giù in testa alle persone!!!!!!???????e anche quelli che guardano con sguardo pauroso!!!! Andare sotto al primo piano non è successo a nessuno?????????? divertentissimissimissimo ed anche gatti scappando dall'acqua e da soli guardando la gente che passa! Noi abbiamo fatto le foto a due gatti e si sono già messi in posa! Divertenti e bellissimi i gatti

  4. Dogs Are Mans Best Friend Cats Are Mans Best Meme

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