Cat survival stories: Huge larvae removed from kitten; Cat rescued from busy highway – Compilation

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Vet surgically removes two huge fly larva from tiny kitten’s body. Freeway’ the cat saved by a good Samaritan on busy Phoenix highway.
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32 comments on “Cat survival stories: Huge larvae removed from kitten; Cat rescued from busy highway – Compilation

  1. Like for sporting the cats in the vid and give money to help vets

  2. I don't like that kitten because she has that thing whatever it is!

  3. Poor cat 😿😿😿😿😿 I’m so sad for I im crying 😢😭

  4. I love you people who saved the cat thank u all for saving the cats

  5. I wanna cut those larvas into tiny pices, then i wanna burn them to ashes, then i want to put them in a crate and burn that crate, and put it all in a rocket and send it to space

  6. The Thumbnail scared me and the eyes are so cute tbh the holes Scare me

  7. Ewww so gross and I'm thankful because the kitten survive

  8. I love cats 🤤😭😭😭😭😢

    My cat have a trauma because she was bitten by a neighbour's dog…she barely leaves the house now

  9. 5:52 cat:I’m gonna catch you
    Other cat:no you won’t (falls in the water)cat:HELPPP!!!!!!! Other cat:ummmmmmmmmm I’m out of here
    Cat in the water:YOU @$&$!!!!!

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