Cat Loves Eating Corn On The Cob

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Meet the cute cat Lily, She loves to eat corn. 🌽😸
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25 comments on “Cat Loves Eating Corn On The Cob

  1. my late kitty also loved corns.he would have murdered me if i didn't give him some when i ate it.

  2. I was just wondering if it's a heathly thing for a cat to eat corn…I'm sorry if that's a stupid question…I think this an adorable cat video… **I LOVE CATS BEYOND DEATH** thanks for sharing a beauitful, cute, adorable, precious cat video for the world to enjoy, like myself did…well take care and GOD BLESS EVERYONE FOR ETERNITY AND FOREVERMORE!!!β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ’‹

  3. this cat's a real country bumpkin… you city-slickers wouldn't understand

  4. "O.K. so we'll ALL want CORN ON COB &
    an adorable Cat like this One" 🐈🐱

  5. Lily is such a cool cat she has a few hype scarf's I think she is the cat style council !!

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