Cat has a panic attack when his string is taken.

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This is one of our kitties, Michael… He likes string so much we call it “kitty crack”… you will see why…

Recorded with an old Sony DCR-TRV9.

50 comments on “Cat has a panic attack when his string is taken.

  1. Your so much of an animal lover you would be a hoarder. this is a human trick that cats, usually, share with people to show how much they care and or like something. My cat does those reactions even if we don't take away the toy.

  2. We can't give string to my cats. They swallow it and get sick. Same way with anything that has feathers.

  3. I freak out when someone takes my string.. so I don't know why everyone is shocked.

    I love my string.

  4. Whoever invented the spork should be required to eat with them and nothing else for the rest of his, or her, life.

  5. Thats cute, and a little psychotic. You must have to leave it out for him constantly.

  6. meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowgivemethedamnstringorillkillyouinyoursleephumanmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow

  7. My cat is searching for your cat. He responds him and looks behind my screen, where the other cat is hidden. So funny!!!!

  8. Hahaha so do u have to sit with him all day dangling a string over him or else he just meows all the time?

  9. Obviously you are not a doctor; that's no panic attack.  Read Piaget.

  10. I'm here to see any comments about.. "this is an abuse !" lol~
    where's those fucking stupid inbred, I wonder..

  11. I love the little circle dance he does when the string is gone, did you try teaching him some tricks? He seems like a natural performer!

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