Can Anyone Be Force Sensitive – Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A

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Can anyone be Force-sensitive? Who should play Boba Fett in the alleged standalone film? These questions and more answered in today’s Q&A!

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22 comments on “Can Anyone Be Force Sensitive – Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A

  1. I don't like to trash Lucasfilm, but killing Maul off in Rebels was a baaad move. They should've waited for a better opportunity.

  2. The videos with you and Molly are always fun to watch. Every time I'm more and more certain that Molly's a Sith.
    Her answers about what Snoke likely would have done were spot on, and her expression like @17:25 where I just happened to pause the video. Alex is into his signoff, while Molly has this slight grin that for some reason says, "Soon you will all bow before me and do my bidding. And you won't even realize it." Alex for his part seems aware but content to not be the required sacrifice to complete her journey to the dark side.
    Seriously, you kids are an adorable couple.

  3. How do you explain the Millenium Falcon's missile launchers being where the escape pod used to be, now that Solo has revealed the middle section was the location of the escape pod?

  4. The thing on the mantle piece looks like it's growing out the lady's head.

  5. SWE : Love the Q&A with Molly. Q: Is Molly your just your friend or plus 1, i.e. your GF…..BFF….? HAHAHA. Wish my wife loved SW like Molly.

  6. SWE : Dude where did you get your t-shirt…?

  7. SWE : Sorry one more, please review each episode for Disney streaming service and any other TV series we get animated or live…Cheers…
    PS…We want more Molly dude.
    May the force B with you…

  8. Why does the pike in solo look difrent than the ones in the clone wars

  9. I think anyone can be force sensitive in terms of any being from any planet( like in the prequels) can be sensitive to the force but not master it. To master the force you must train like the Jedi & Sith. As far as midichlorian count I think the higher the count in a force sensitive being the better chances training will help perfect force manipulation.

  10. Do you think Han and Lando will meet again before "The Empire Strikes Back" ?

  11. How would you feel if they recreated Obi-wan's and Maul's final duel from Rebels in the Kenobi movie?

  12. I'm not sure anyone can be force sensitive if you try hard enough. I thought that Chirrut was an example of someone who is not Force sensitive but has never the less devoted their life to the force. He does not have the flashy abilities of a usual force user but there is definitely a stronger connection there.

  13. Honestly regarding the Disney streaming-service (good lord give it a name already) SW series I would like an overall review and then an episode-by-episode review.
    One question that came recently, would you be willing to talk/review Legends material?

  14. Dave Filoni has shared a story a couple times about what George Lucas felt in regards to "could everyone be a jedi?" The way Lucas saw it, its like martial arts, anyone could learn martial arts, and eventually get proficient, but the average joe will never be Bruce Lee no matter how hard they trained. Same is true with being a Jedi, anyone could become a Jadi, but only very special people could be Anakin levels.

  15. Tbh, we've seen Force sensitive children with non-Force sensitive parents before, even before the Disney purchase. We've seen it in TCW in the episode with the Force-sensitive children. P sure like two of them had normal parents.

    Force sensitivity is hereditary and can just happen. At least, that's what canon has always implied.

  16. Do you think Rex and Hera will Appear in the Star Wars comics? Hera can give Jedi advice she picked up from Kanan and Ezra and Luke could learn about his father from Rex. We know they both survive until endor, but what else where they up to?

  17. if disney releases all the episodes at once you should review them in three or two episode bundles like collider

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