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Better watch out bullies!

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  1. I've had plenty of gamers tell me to "make me a sandwich" or "Why aren't you in the kitchen?" But I never felt like they were attacking me personally. I found it hilarious and would trash talk them back. People need to grow thicker skins or just stop playing online if they feel attacked.

  2. Could I just say that I find them saying all women are victims highly insulting? I am a female myself, and I do not consider myself the victim of anything. I find the idea that people think I am a victim just because of how I identify, and what is between my legs just beyond sickening.

  3. this thing was just a marketing gimmick but it is fun to laugh at

  4. I got Black Lives Matter vibes from Billy Hunters and I strayed as far as I could from and I’m glad I did. This felt like nothing more than trying to push more Femenism and it failed hard. I don’t play online due to having to have internet (hard to get where I live) and memberships, but I feel and think that bullying online is a problem for everyone, in and outside of the gaming community and all genders. This group failed hard to miss the mark and it shows. Lack of recent modern evidence, the fact that they say it occurs to mainly females, it’s mainly sexual harassment, which is the biggest lie out of them all. It just screamed SJW Feminism and I’ve had about enough of that.

  5. This whole thing was just a glorious trainwreck. I agree that harassment does exist but not to the extent these people claim. And it doesn't help to only acknowledge harassment towards women, when guys get called awful crap as well.

  6. You have these people who see an issue and want to deal with it but they don't actually care enough to take it very seriously so it falls apart.

  7. Haven't even payed attention to the Ghostbust- er I mean Bullyhunters until I heard their website shut down.

    Sorry for insulting the Ghostbusters.

  8. Oh man bully hunters would be kinda fun… All those warframe vibes.. It would be like stalking the stalker but… Well… Bullying the bully hunter I suppose?

  9. You know what? I'm going to find you and shoot you in a video game for this video. Only once though. THAT will show you. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. I'm not going to say that harassment doesn't happen, ever, because I'm sure it does, but the vast majority of "harassment" that happens is really just trash talking. It doesn't suddenly become "harassment", "sexual harassment", or "bullying" when it happens to a female. I'm sorry, but saying something like "go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich" isn't "harassment", sexual or otherwise. It's trash talking, to get under their skin, and clearly, it works. Also, they try to act like the trash talking, or "harassment" only comes from men, but the truth is that a lot of it actually comes from other women. Of course, there are people (men and women) who go too far, but it's not this epidemic, like they're trying to make it out to be.

  11. I would laugh if one of the hunters got killed in a hunt. That would truly show they aren't "Elite" gamers. Plus that knife move was cheeky. What message is one-hit killing a "bully"?

  12. Apparently these idiots don't know that nowadays in CS:GO, it's the guys who get all the verbal abuse and whenever a woman shows up, the guys are desperately trying to flirt with her and get her to like them. That was literally every experience I had with that game lol

  13. This is a pretty pathetic service. "He bullied me, so go kill this person who is playing a game where you are supposed to kill eachother, then flash a message" such a smart idea. It is such a small minuscule thing most gamers wouldn't even notice, or simply would be confused. And if they did realize what just happened most people would shrug and not care, or laugh because the person reacted to their words in such a spectacular fashion. And let's just say it was a troll just getting a rise out of you? What better way to not feed the troll, than send a hit person out on them?

    It seriously feels like the woman who were a part of this were either very dumb or simply do not understand gaming as a whole. Because first, these woman are saying you should call them to solve a problem that has either passed already, or could very easily be dealt with. And second, these woman don't understand shit talking. It's pretty common in gaming to shit talk your friends or opponents. And if it goes too far, we got ways of shutting people up.

    It's called the mute and block buttons….. they exist for this reason. You will never have to interact with these people ever again with two buttons. Instead you once again advocate for acting like victims and finding someone to defend you from the bad male gamer who probably is just doing it to shit talk instead of actually harass.

    I've heard my brother play with his friends before, he shit talks his friends all the time, and guess what, a girl is in that group of friends. Never once have I heard go into full reserved mode just because she's there. They made jokes against eachother culture sometimes, they make fun of eachother directly, just friendly jabs at eachother.

    The clip this live stream uses is so telling as well, they specifically use one clip of a guy being very aggressive using woman specific insults. Which, might I add could so easily just be faked. How hard can it be to yell "Go back into the kitchen bitch, I'll smash your head in bitch" Like give me multiple clips with several examples, show us what you consider the minimum requirements to be called a harasser. Show us something that isn't so blatant, so people know what your considered spectrum is. Hell it even sounds like its a recording of basic lines being said.

    THis entire idea was just stupid, thank god it failed so nobody would waste their money on such a useless service that would do nothing but throw your money away, and thank god for the headphone company pulling out instead of trying to keep up a useless fight that only ruins their reputation.

    Isn't it strange that gaming continues to reflect SJW's and feminists more consistently(not always, but better) than anywhere else?

  14. this was so bizarre to watch, how could they think this would work? also seems like they invested quite a bit on a set and hosts…

  15. Agree with the video and the bullyhunters was cringe but I couldn't help but notice that women are insulted with words like bitch, cunt, whore, etc, while your point about men also being insulted, they also used language that negatively reflects on women, faggot (effeminate men) bitch, cunt, (asshole is pretty general though more often used on men), pussy, cocksucker, wimp, douchebag etc. Being a woman or compared to one is bad is what the insults are trying to convey, when you are a woman you're reminded of it and that your sexuality is also bad.

  16. I don't get why 3rd wave feminists are trying to ruin online gaming. I, as a straight white male, have been called all of these name and more. Why? Because people talk shit online. The majority of gamers don't just sit by if a dude says fucked up shit to a girl online. They'll usually respond to actually sexist shit with "Not cool, man," or "Chill dude. You sound fuckin stupid." Furthermore, I know a plethora of girl gamers and none of them bitch that games are sexist. A true gamer, male or female, doesn't care about potentially offensive content.

  17. If you think about it, Twitch broke it's own TOS rules when this was streamed and promoted on Twitch. Bannable offense inciting bullying and harrasment, and fake gaming stream … which Bully Hunters did both.

  18. Hey, is the Bullyhunters symbol a registered trademark? Who owns it?

  19. My husband has seen it from the opposite spectrum. Women in MMOs like ff14, Neverwinter, WOW etc seem to get forgiven more for mistakes made in games and guys are usually held to the higher standard and will get cussed out more for the exact same things. I've personally seen it both ways just depends on the people you end up with but if its that bad just kick em and do go on with your day.

  20. Haven been a female gamer most my life, I can honestly say I’ve never had any harassment for my gender nor seen any other female have the same. A few act like idiots that never talked to a girl before, sure…. but that’s hardly harassment. I’ve had trash talk directed at me before, absolutely but that’s part of the game, I didn’t get trash talked any more than the guys and I gave back as good as I got.

  21. "Pro-Elite Gamerz!!"

    So better than Amateur-Elite Gamers, then?

  22. 9:13
    "Ah yes, our totally not pretend-harasser just standing there to allow the flawless knife kill, nothing to see here. Pay no attention to the man (or woman with voice-changer) behind the curtain."

  23. My Man U got the layout and voice u just need og content

  24. Calling a girl a cunt is the same as a guy being called a dick. It's just an insult and if you get bent over it then you should live under a rock/safe space. Id rather have free speech then play a gamewith other people that I played money for just to be told I can't say what I want to.

  25. That's so fake and stupid it gives serious pain in ass. One of the most beautiful things about online gaming is that everyone is talking shit about everybody and nobody takes it for real. It's relaxing and sometimes integrating, no need to be bitching about it.

  26. who cares what others say in games anyways, just listen to your own team chat and make sure your team respects you before you engage in a match – basic fucking logic


  28. It makes me wonder if they encounter players that are actually better than the bully hunters? I know this is all staged and such, but it gets you thinking you know

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