BREAKING NEWS , Ivanka Trump Powerful Speech Today 11/3/17 in Tokyo on Empowering Woman

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14 comments on “BREAKING NEWS , Ivanka Trump Powerful Speech Today 11/3/17 in Tokyo on Empowering Woman

  1. Whats bad about all this women feminism crap… they dont need a man anymore !!!

  2. north korea are controlled by dark forces pure soviet type stuff just like its going on in europe world war 3 is about toget tough prepare for 2018-2019

  3. Tax break for domestic engineers? Why can't one salary be enough to raise a family?

  4. Ivanka; So your husband Jared Kushner has admitted to the FBI that he had secretly meet with the Russians. He has also stated that Donald Jr. and Jeff Sessions were also at those meetings. Kushner has also volunteered documents that appear to be quite damaging to your fathers chance to continue to be President. Would you care to comment on this situation? How is the relationship between your husband and your father? How is your father taking the news?

  5. *___I'm IMPRESSED
    Your daughter is as smart as you, Mr. President.

    Give her my most sincere complement, she will make the difference on women issues.

  6. Dear Ivanka all what you say is only nice but why you choose your closes ally(Saudi) where the women are not allowed bisic freedom don't you think this is hypocrisy.

  7. Abortions are killing more then guns and earths future. In fact 1.47 billion babies murdered globally and counting. On your tax payer dime for Planned Parent Hood went global in 1980. Of that figure since 1973 forward 57 Million Americans of which 17,000,000 are African Americans. That 1.47 billion babies is enough to fill the Vikings Stadium 22,054 times. That's killing a stadium full of babies 365 days a year for the next 60 years (full of doctors slaughtering). There's the rich and Washington future work force slaughtered…. 37,300,00 babies a year (559 Vikings Stadiums worth) thought of no more then the globe flushes 22 Million roles of toilet paper a day.

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