Avengers Infinity War New Armor Upgrades Scene and Trailer Update

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Avengers Infinity War New Armor Upgrades Scene, Trailer Update. Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Spider Suit Explained, Thor Ragnarok and New Iron Man Armor ►
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25 comments on “Avengers Infinity War New Armor Upgrades Scene and Trailer Update

  1. Here's my new Avengers Infinity War Armor Upgrades video. New Spider-Man Armor, New Iron Man Mark 48 Suit, Thor and Captain Marvel. Posting new Flash and Titans soon. Infinity War Trailer not as far off as you think!

  2. subbed

    and thank you for making this video you just answered some of my questions

  3. Spidermans new custom is a the color of his greatest enemies Venom & Carnage!

  4. I can not wait for Thor, and Black Panther AND Infinity war! This franchise has me so fascinated by every aspect of the films. As a film major, I truly appreciate the effort Marvel puts into their films!

  5. Does Bucky get an upgraded arm as well? I bet we see Bucky-Cap in part 2, cause he can't keep the winter soldier name.

  6. Great review; however, 2 things…1) RE: Thor’s belt, how do you double someone's strength many times over? Megingjörð simply doubles it. AND 2) RE: Iron Spider suit, what SERRATED PLATES? I think you meant separated plates.

  7. Tony would have to change “Hulk Buster” to “Thanos Buster” to defeat Thanos!

  8. I never really win but, great video, awesome facts, and thnkz ??????

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