ASMR Roleplay: May the Fourth Be With You [Star Wars Movie Marathon] [Cute/Funny]

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Taking off the most important of holidays to watch every Star Wars movie is a tradition in this couple’s household. And every year, they watch the Star Wars movies in release order. This year for May the 4th, Cardlin wants to watch the movies in a modified watch order. Debating ensues.

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Written by Alodia Thaliel
Recorded by CardlinAudio
Graphic design by Blue!
Cardlin drawn by: Laila!

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48 comments on “ASMR Roleplay: May the Fourth Be With You [Star Wars Movie Marathon] [Cute/Funny]

  1. Today is my sister's birthday she is turning 5. My birthday is on Monday. I feel bad for her. Her birthday is May the Fourth. Hopefully she marrys a star wars fan

  2. My god i love this rp and the way me and my bf do it is chronological order which is fun af cause everytime its always a new character to follow


  4. Hey. Marx's 200th birthday is tomorrow. Could you do an ASMR reading of the manifesto to celebrate?

  5. I'm sorry but I've never seem Star Wars…. I've never got into it….

  6. Release order is how I do it every year 🙂 happy star wars day everyone ^^

  7. This is like Christmas in May! I wish the gifts were real 😥

  8. I just got home from a 5KM marathon and when I got home I search for your video first while resting (btw, I didn't when the grand prize, a luxury car😭)

  9. Wait. What kind of Star Wars fan would think Vader is not cool and the most badass of all badasses?? That ain't me, Cardlin!!! THE AUDACITY!!

    Also I hate to argue buuuuuuuut…
    Ewoks are arguably the best characters…

    Nah, just kidding. But they're fricking cute tho. BB8isactuallythebest
    Great job again, Cardlin ^w^

  10. This is so good, the Star Wars nerd in me loves this so much! 😆

  11. No joke said “ no I’m not a big fan I like Dobby though” never been so disappointed in my self Though not a Star Wars or Harry Potter fan I am so disappointed lmao

  12. I like chronological order bc then it’s the timeline as if you lived in the universe and got a firsthand look at it all

  13. Your not aloud to sing because your doing it wrong sings it better 😂

  14. Sigh I hate to admit it but even Cardlin can’t save me from my loneliness at the moment, my friend left me, for good. Best friends for almost a year, and that’s almost exactly 11 months wasted, cuz I spent so much time with her and talking with her that my grades slipped due to me not doing homework. And on Star Wars day nonetheless. Happy Star Wars day everybody, here’s a positive in my eyes: I’m the one that deals with a problem, but that means that you’re all most likely having a better day than I am! 🙂

    May the fourth be with you guys, sorry for ranting here where it isn’t my place to, love your videos Cardlin, and happy Star Wars day!

  15. I have Phasma and Kylo mugs, but the paint wore off of them.
    Anyway Cardlin, the best character is obviously Darth Maul!

  16. Gaaah I have a script idea but I suck at writing scripts ;-;

  17. When you asked to bring the donuts I got mad. I hate donuts, I'm still not sure why, but I've just hated them for a really long time.

  18. FUCK.


    (I'm sorry I'm just mad af.) YOU DON'T UNDERSTAAAANNNNDDSSS.


  19. Now all I am wondering is what movies are in the modified order and in what order. Also Vader is the best. I am so happy you did that nerdy hum to Vader's theme.
    Damn it now I need to know the order and so I can watch it today.

  20. I never warched Star Wars…..Shame on me….pls don't kill me

  21. I haven’t watched a single Star Wars and I probably never will!

    (Cardlin uploads Star Wars thingy)

    Well… I might watch one…

  22. HhhhHhhHhHHHHHHHhhhH~ cardlin i only foynd you last night and i didnt get any sleep. Im probably the last 50 of your notifications lmao im so sorry i have too much to say apparently. Your audios are great and i really hope you open for comissions again soon!! 😩😩😩 id be willing to spend food money just having your voice say the things i wanna hear lmao.

  23. We watch in release order because I never remember the storyline!!

  24. A necklace of diamond and gold? I COULD OF BOUGHT 100 WIND CHIMES!!

  25. Me, a star wars fan: forget the prequels, they're really bad (lord palpatine makes me laugh). You watch the films in chronological order because even though i'd love to watch them in release order, i feel i'd betray the star wars fandom if i did and sorry but i preferred force awakens over the last jedi… (also, im wearing star wars jogging bottoms with R2, Yoda, C3, Chewie and the logo in japanese as i type this) god i'm such a dork… ._. but thank you for this audio Cardlin! May the fourth be with you!

  26. Cardlin: "You can't resist me."
    Me: Damn son, you got me.

  27. Please make an anime version and make a poll for which one I will cry happy fangirl tears if you do

  28. I love star wars so much and you made my day when you posted this video this is my 3rd time watching it. I love how sweet you are and I wish I had a boyfriend like you that would this with me. I love your videos and your so awesome!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊

  29. what kind of absolute fool lets their partner watch Star Wars in release order

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