Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard! | The Star Wars Show

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Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard narrates the story of Star Wars: A New Hope, Arrested Development style, in this sketch from The Star Wars Show.

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50 comments on “Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard! | The Star Wars Show

  1. Now I'm going to go binge Arrested Development.

  2. Can't believe you didn't have a Tobias joke with "Let's blow this thing and go home "

  3. That moment when you realize that the Luke-Leia plot actually is George Michael-Maeby plot Lol

  4. Id like to think anyone not familar with Arrested Development wouldnt find this hilarious.

  5. Is it bad that I want them to do this for every movie in the franchise?

  6. George Michael Skywalker has unnatural feelings for Princess Maeby. Gob Solo has other ideas.

  7. "Whatsamatter, Luke? You a scruffy-lookin' nerf-herder? CAW C-CAW, CAW C-CAW!!!"

  8. This is awesome! Now to find someone else who’s actually seen Arrested Development that will get it…

  9. Luke: "Is that one of your Jedi tricks?"
    Obi Wan: "It's a not trick, Luke. It's an ILLUSION!"

  10. I've literally never seen a single star wars movie but I'm in love with this.

  11. Someone (wish it was me) suggested that Ron Howard should narrate a documentary about the Trump Presidency.

  12. I love both my children equally
    I don’t care for Luke

  13. Love the movies. Love the show. Like the Force, trying to find balance between laughing and crying. Well done, SWS!

  14. Luke staring at twin suns on Tatooine, cue Simon and Garfunkel “Hello darkness my old friend”

  15. "'From a Certain Point of View', he was lying."
    I see what you did there.

  16. Everything that can be said about this already has been. Put simply, it's perfect. 😉

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