Alien-Infested Ranch FOR SALE – Weekly Weird News

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If you’re interested in buying land in the Phoenix area and want some property with a few quirks, the Stardust Ranch might be for you!

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• Alien ranch house for sale

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47 comments on “Alien-Infested Ranch FOR SALE – Weekly Weird News

  1. Great job on 903k subs guys, been here since 931k, love seeing the channel grow and expand

  2. Stop discriminating Grey Aliens. The Reptilians are also guilty of abducting innocent people to have them fully and completely proved.

  3. I was kidnapped by the Anunakis and experimented in their musky dark dungeon and then returned with a miniature chip to track me down.

  4. I'm so angry with you people always blaming all the proving to the lovable, small in stature, wide eyes Greys. Their only crime is that they are terrible at landing their flying saucers. They are usually the ones caught by the men in black when they crash land and dissected at Area 51. LEAVE THE GREYS ALONE!!!!

  5. Hey, you pair of naive clowns, do some research before you go one accusing the Greys of being a bunch of cosmic sexual rapists! The Reptilians and Anunnaki are the worst out there and you never hear anyone talking about them. #savethegreys

  6. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those Reptilians and use their skin to make belts, purses, and Reptilian leather boots!

  7. You wouldve thought if they visited every 75 days they'd have proof, put a cctv in their house or something

  8. Maybe they're putting just a little bit of meth into the doughnut glaze in sunny Florida, I'm just saying.

  9. Wait, if the aliens are influenced by your energy, then are they rapist because he can't control his hormones? XD

  10. If I buy the property and there ends up being no haunted ghosts nor aliens, do i get a full refund under false advertising ? Just wondering before I buy myself a holiday home in america……

  11. only rick and morty fans can comprehend the function of the alien portal and come up with a solution to fight and ultimately defeat them.
    god bless the rick and morty fanbase, it's mankinds last hope.

  12. these stupid assholes bought a useless piece of property lol I hope they do get assaulted by aliens on a daily basis. stupid pieces of shit have no imagination, I would grow opium

  13. circumsize your kids or else theyll become chronic masturbator. Ricky said put him to work!!! lmfao.

  14. And the aliens would have got away with it if it wasn't for meddling John Elmonds

  15. why they stole the dildos ? to sell them to the alien so they can prove ppl

  16. I'd buy the place, install a wall/fence/barbwire or whatever to keep the locals out from playing pranks, install a shit ton of cameras and suchs. And then when no aliens show up after a specific amount of time as promised since this is a selling point to the property. I'd sue the fuck out of them for the money spent into this venture including expenses, time, energy, and a little something for ruining my dream to meet aliens from another part of the universe off Earth. Assuming there isn't some non disclosure agreement when buying the property. In which case, I'd back out of the deal because that means, there are no aliens. Or maybe not. Maybe I'd just defraud them on the news or something. That's why the listing is so high. To keep people from looking into it. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in the paperwork for the property and assets it says, "not liable if aliens don't visit you" or something like that.

  17. Sorry guys! Maine is filled to capacity. No more Arizonians. Takin' all our blueberries and lobster and shit.. Go back to your sand and scorpions.

  18. Az is a magnetic warp zone. I think the aliens take form of dogs, everyone has one that literally controls their mind.

  19. Ahhhhhhhhh wtf Ahhhhhhhhh fighting aliens with a samurai sword aaaaaahhhhh wtf ahhh yeah intergalactic aliens defeated its all possibility sillily aliens millions of light years away face adventually humans armed to affinity.

  20. I have a sneaking suspicion that the nose picking masturbator is just Eric Andre filming season 5. And it was in NYC where he shoots almost everything.

  21. Must be Mexican Aliens… ? "I have nothing against Mexicans" Just a joke.

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