Air Freshener as a Cause of Explosions in Cars

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Air Freshener can cause explosions in cars resulting in burns that may seriously hurt the driver. Aerosol sprays have been known to pose a danger when they are exposed to flames. Manufacturers of most if not all aerosols tend to caution customers against having the can next to open flames despite them being empty.

Such an incident has been seen in England where a man experienced burns due to such like an explosion.

On looking at the outcome and the remains of the explosion, disbelief that the man stayed alive was a common emotion. Especially with only minor burns. The explosion destroyed the windscreen, roof and especially the passenger door with all this caused by an aerosol can.

It was mentioned by a policeman that the explosion came from when an open flame came in contact with the air freshener that had earlier on been sprayed inside the now exploded car.

Questions have still arisen on how exactly the explosion occurred. There was the presence of pressure within the car. The car has been suspected to have stayed parked for a lengthy time period. Air was similar in both the inside and outside with the car unsealed. Air pressure altered with the use of the spray causing the reaction with the cigarette.

The exact details are yet to be confirmed, with the above-being assumptions. It is advised that one should always be careful and not expose the sprays to open flames with insistence to when they have immediately been sprayed. The air spray directed to within this writing refers to the pressurized gas and does not include those that are specifically designed with the aim of being placed on vents etc. Fresh air should always be allowed into the car before the car is switched on.

This incident reminds us that we ought to abide by safety features and instructions throughout. In fact, the major car manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, GM, Mercedes etc. have signs and instructions against lighting up in the car and recommend adequate ventilation while in the car.


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