A Beautiful Mind Trailer

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Directed by Ron Howard

Screenplay by Akiva Goldsman

Russell Crowe
Ed Harris
Jennifer Connelly

IMDB link:

Trailer Music:
“Aftermath” by Trevor Rabin

21 comments on “A Beautiful Mind Trailer

  1. Here because apparently Ron Howard is the shit and I should buy his class..

  2. I have this you get treated like shit any time you have any gift your life is mor difficult.

  3. I hadn't watched this movie since it came out and just got done watching it. Holy shit! It must hold the record for the most a movie has ever repeated the theme music in the background throughout. It's enough to make you go fucking insane…Seriously! It must play that loop at least 50 times. Was the movie trying to drive us insane as well?

  4. I have still yet to watch this film….but after reading the comments…POP THE POPCORN!! I just always thought it was raunchy

  5. I watched this movie in my high school psych class and it just came back to my mind today randomly while I was washing dishes lol

  6. This is so far from the reality of schizophrenia, it's sickening… If you actually watched this in a psychology course, that tells you what your education was worth.

  7. Now I wanted to know if I could get a man who said he invented snails. When he said there be life snails were born. He said that when I reversed engineered snails I stole his invention. Now snails are eating apples and farms. If he didn't invent any more of these snails this problem would go away its a real pest. Now if couldn't hold patents any more they go away.

  8. Watched this in Psych class. Back again after seeing his name in Econ

  9. I had to watch this for my mental health class and I must say it is very eye opening, riveting and just so damn good

  10. So, Calvin legally changed his name, got plastic surgery, dyed and combed his hair, finally got rid of Hobbes, became a genius, and began making new imaginary friends

  11. My uncle who is very good at math. But of course not even a half of John Nash, a quarter or a piece. But he can remember 52 cards, some kinds of orders….he used to be a pilot during a war, he doesnt need gps or map when he travels around the country. He creates somethings about math and submitted it to somewhere in UK. I never heard about the result which was not surprised. He is very weird, his wife is very patient thou still can't compare to Mrs. Nash. Because she talks alot and complaints alot. He is that smart but can't make lot of money, has been working at Pizzahut for 15 yrs. From the time he was young to now, he always sees worms, dirty things moving around so everytime he showers he has to pour boiled water all over his bathroom, around his kidchen, he hates plants you know why? But he is a good person. It's just something related

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