5 Most Embarrassing Bollywood Films of 2018 So Far

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41 comments on “5 Most Embarrassing Bollywood Films of 2018 So Far

  1. All of these are either B grade or C grade movies.
    Make a list for most embarrassing mainstream movies.

  2. Welcome to new York is the only film I knew from these. Where did you even find all these other films 😂😂

  3. Fix that annoying english accent beforr criticizing others and speak in indian language you prick

  4. I am sure years later you would make a video on the most embarrassing movie industry and bollywood will be at the top. Five mins of bollywood songs is enough to spoil your day.

  5. Dude put some emotion in the voice. It sounds like you're reading from a textbook.

  6. When you make the 2nd part of this video don't forget to add Race 3

  7. i dont know anything about welcome to new york, but if it is how you say it is, then i wanna tell you two things, first, plot is not equal to story, and second a film can also have a character driven story. it might not work here cause it was a shitty film, but it worked marvelously in a film called lost in translation, and its not an exaggeration to say that its still one of the best films of the 2000s decade.

  8. Well dude if you are including the B Grade movies then you will surely find more than just 5..In general sense we don't count B movies under Bollywood ..!

  9. Just shut up already man No body cares….and If u dare put any if the race movies in your videos.just don't get me started

  10. Most Bollywood films are embarrassing to be perfectly honest.

  11. Dude plz edit this video and include RACE 3 in it.Thank you

  12. Pity you…if you have watched them atleast to make the video 😝

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