4 Syrian rockets hit border town :Turkish media

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Derek Conway
Former British MP

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12 comments on “4 Syrian rockets hit border town :Turkish media

  1. So is Turkey supposed to sit by and allow the U.S. to place 30,000 well armed Kurds on its border, knowing full well that the goal is to partition Syria, then Turkey, Iraq and Iran? I'm no fan of Erdogan, but he has a point there.

  2. is it not Turkey helping Syrian to get rid of U.S. partitioning Syria? If so why turkey is not coordinating with Syria Iran and Russia to clean up area from Rebels and possible War and establish Security in the area

  3. That interviewee is talking nonsense; Russia did not give a tacit approval; the syrian kurds were never allied with Russia in the first place; if anything the USA gave a tacit approval.

  4. Kurds are terrorists. They are a nomadic tribe from Iran with 0 legitimate land rights anywhere outside of Iran.

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