17 Weird and Wonderful Car Facts You Need In Your Life!

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The UK is known to have a lot of cars. For that reason, many people take them for granted forgetting how important those machines are. Below are weird stats and facts about cars. Maybe they will help people to value vehicles.

  1.       You can drive a modern Formula 1 car upside down at a speed of 120mph in a tunnel. When cornering the Formula 1 vehicles produces almost 3.5g. That makes them have sufficient smooth down force to enable them to drive in a tunnel upside down.
  2.      In 1902, when the first speeding ticket in the world was issued, the motorist traveled at a maximum speed of 45mph.
  3.      More than 74% vehicles manufactured by Rolls Royce are being driven, an indicator that owners of those cars really love them.
  4.      2,850,000 million miles is the highest total range which has been clocked by a single vehicle. That millage is equal to driving around the earth for 100 times.
  5.      In 1891 is when the first car accident occurred. It led to introduction improved safety equipment used by drivers.
  6.      On average, 99 days of every US driver’s life is spent stuck in traffic. It recommended that people should not think about that fact.
  7.      A quarter of the cars found in the UK were manufactured in China. This means around 35 million cars in UK road are manufactured in China.
  8.     Every year 60 million cars are manufactured. Approximately 115 cars are produced every minute. Are those not many cars to be produced in a minute?
  9.      In 7 European countries, 12 perfectly known car brands are owned by Volkswagen. The following are those brands MAN, Bentley, seat, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Porsche, Scania, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Lamborghini, Audi, Bugatti, and Ducati. Clearly, almost 9 in 10 cars that you will find in a car dealership is a Volkswagen car. Surprise!
  10.  Cruise control was invented by a blind man called Ralph Teetor. His lawyer was the one who gave him the inspiration to invent the cruise control. His lawyer was a poor driver.
  11.   In the world cars which are being used are 1 billion. In comparison to the world population, it one car for seven people.
  12.  The world’s fastest car to be manufactured is the Hennessey Venom GT. The car can drive at a top speed of 270.49mph. In comparison to Bugatti Veyron, it faster by approximately 0.8 seconds.
  13.  A record of 42 seconds was set by mechanics for removing and replacing a car engine. It was performed on 21 November 1985 on a Ford Escort car.
  14.  A normal car contains more than 30,000 unique parts. It a miracle considering that fact they don’t break down frequently.
  15.   €1,000,000 was the highest fine to be imposed for speeding. It was imposed by a Swedish man who drove at a speed of 180mph.
  16.  In a car accident, the odds of dying is around 1 in 5,000 people. Driving looks dangerous when compared to odds of dying in a plane crash which is 1 in 11 million.


In the world there are facts which are not known by many people, the above are samples of weird facts that no one knew about cars.

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