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Here are fifteen brilliant tips that can do with a vacuum packaging machine sealer.

  1. Bulk Food

You can save money from your grocery by purchasing veggies and meat in bulk. Make different pieces, freeze and seal these pieces

  1. Potluck Protection

For potluck protection, use vacuum sealing to protect your food. It is the best method to bring food without any container.

  1. Microwave Meals

Vacuum sealer packs you the meal and freezes it in your freezer. It works both as a freezer and microwave. Ensure that the temperature must set while heating

  1. Banana Bread

If you are a lover of banana then it definitely freshens up your mind. Put the banana in a bag, vacuum seal them and place it in your freezer.

  1. Citrus Juice

For fresh Citrus juice, buy some lemons and limes and freeze the juice for later on. Put the frozen cubes in a FoodSaver bag, vacuum seal it and store it in the freezer.

  1. Quick Breakfasts

For a quick breakfast, seal the sandwiches in an individual bags and freeze them. Only heat up a sandwich when needed for quick breakfast!

  1. Sealing Snacks

With the vacuum sealer, chips will crush if you want to go this through the whole cycle, but you can vacuum out the seals and air in the bag. This will make your snakes fresh for longer time.

  1. Saving Seeds

Vacuum seal can save your seeds from your garden until next year.

  1. Toiletries

Ignore toiletry explosions when opening your FoodSaver in bags. You can your necessary items like matches, flashlight, first aid, and flares.

  1. Photos

You can protect your photos from dirt, dust, and insects in a vacuum-sealed bag.

  1. Yarn

Organize and store yarn in a vacuum sealer.

  1. Juicy Foods

You can save your juicy food in a vacuum sealer. It only requires one step that is to put the items on a cookie sheet and then place them in your freezer. Once the food becomes freeze, put it into bag and vacuum seal it.

  1. Seasonal Storage

To keep your clothes clean and protect from dirt and insects, seal them in the vacuum sealer.

  1. Liquids

You can use the “flash-freeze” technique to store liquids. Put the liquid in a freezer bag and place it in the freezer until it freezes. Vacuum seal the frozen disk/block of liquid in a bag.

  1. Honey Sticks

With the vacuum sealer, you can make your own honey sticks.

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