10 Marvel Movies That Almost Happened

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Marvel offerings that might have been, which didn’t quite go ahead.

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20 comments on “10 Marvel Movies That Almost Happened

  1. She Hulk is fantastic idea but now we are taking I am going finish with why not bring her into the future movies and bring an extra few more hero's in and the impossible man would be interesting and fun
    I think that bringing back the fantastic Four and that's the original FF with a new Human Torch solo story would be the right thing or the android one? How about the Invaders film a Nick Fury the first story as well and other less well know characters like the Vanisher or the doctor druid I hope that these hero's turn up?

  2. It sounds like Marvel was the reason Coke was such a big thing back in the 80's & 90's.

  3. would like to see a Moon Knight movie or series and Bob Hopkins would have been prefect as Wolverine

  4. Why would you cast Bo Derek as Dazzler in an animated film? That's totally defeating the primary draw of Bo Derek.

  5. I don't think Spiderman done as a horror movie would have been good, but it certainly would have been memorable.

  6. People hate on Howard the duck too much, it was misunderstood I think. It's a great film

  7. "It's better to have loved and lost than to have heard a song by Olivia Newton John."

    "Why's that?"

    "Anything's better than listening to a song by Olivia Newton John."

  8. i reckon bob hoskins woulda made a wicked wolverine. id love to see a bob hoskins type play wolverine in a film adaptation of alpha flight, or a weapon x rendition. somethin along those lines.

  9. would rather have fantastic four #3 then the NEW fantastic four movie…. my god that was shit and made the other two look like works of art.

  10. C'mon, if Bob Hoskins(RIP) will be Wolverine, of course the filmmakers would make it their way to make him look like the comic book version. What an idiot reaction and final say on it. Geez!

  11. I wish most of the Marvel films almost happened instead of actually being made..

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